Smart Belle P51- 100w Amplifier

“Don’t be dumb…..
Play a Smart Belle.”

The Smart Belle P51 is 70’s ‘D’ tone to a new level!

The P51 is the result of the is result of a collaboration among three friends who have committed their lives to the pursuit of superior guitar tone. Lance Keltner(Pro guitarist, gear developer & self confessed tone fanatic), Lee Jackson (guitarist, engineer & electronics designer) & George Metropolous (of Metrolopolous amplifiers) combined efforts have brought us an amp that goes beyond all expectations, which that not only brings us those fabled ‘D’ tones, but improves them both sonically and in overall usability.

The P51 Features:

  • • Two channel amplifier (foot switchable)
  • • A four 6L6 Power section to deliver a conservative 100 watts of power
  • • A FET Boost which is integrated into the front end of the amp and controllable via foot switch
  • • Three band eq (Treble/Middle/Bass)
  • • Rock/Jazz voicing switch
  • • Master volume & presence
  • • Foot switchable EQ cut
  • • A true tube driven effects loop with send and return levels built right into the amplifier

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$7,490.00. Build time for the P51 is approximately six weeks. Please complete the form below and we’ll have a representative contact you

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